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AP Math/Science

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Howard Friedman
Principal & Founder Emeritus


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Judy Horvay
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Our Mission

The administration of MCN+DHS is dedicated to creating a school community that supports older, under-credited students, whether they are long-time residents of NYC or recent immigrants, as they earn their high school Regents diploma. We also aim to prepare them to succeed at college and employment after they graduate. With classes offered from 8:00 a.m. - 9:31 p.m., we provide students who have adult responsibilities a schedule that meets their needs. We offer a challenging program with Advanced Placement and College Now classes and an extensive English language immersion program for foreign-born students. We are fortunate to have Comprehensive Development, Inc. (CDI) as our non-profit partner which provides free, on-site student support including tutoring, college advisement and placement, scholarships, career exploration and internships, legal assistance, referrals for housing and medical issues, and post graduation services. See what we are all about.

Pedagogical Vision

Our pedagogical vision is based on our mission as a transfer school serving overage, under-credited students many of whom are ELLs. This vision is continually being refined in line with CCLS and NY State standards through an iterative process as we monitor student performance. Key components of our vision include:

  1. We emphasize standards-based learning in our ESL program in which students advance based upon their demonstrated mastery of specific skills.
  2. Student learning will be maximized through a collaborative/teamwork approach which supports learning across the curriculum. Our curriculum is structured to be mutually supportive across content areas to ensure mastery of core concepts. We are constantly looking to identify and emphasize overlapping domains-threads and areas of mutual support in the curriculum.
  3. We aim to integrate scaffolded, spiraled and differentiated approaches into all aspects of the curriculum.
  4. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and attention to second language acquisition are strategically embedded into curriculum development to respond to the needs of all learners.
  5. We continually strive to develop rich engaging learning experiences and opportunities that challenge students at all developmental levels. This includes the use of projects, integration of the arts, internships and courses which emphasize post secondary learning skills.
  6. We seek to create a learning environment and opportunities that are appropriate for young adults.

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