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NameDept, TitleEmail
NameDept, TitleEmail
Anderson, Dee Anne English, Teacher 
Apos, Stamatia Spec Ed, School Psychologist 
Arter, Bradford English, Teacher 
Aylward, Margaret ext: 161 CDI, Ass't Executive Director 
Bautista, Gloria ext: 623 Science, Lab 
Benenati, Stephanie Science, Teacher 
Bernard, Judd Math, Teacher 
Bitterman, Stanley ext: 122 Office, Teacher 
Bloch , Danny ext: 160 CDI, Dir. of College and Academic Services 
Brown, Elloree ext: 108 Office, Secretary 
Burnett, Carl ext: 409 Phys Ed, Teacher 
Chau, Claudia Spec Ed, Social Worker  
Chen, Wei Mandarin, Teacher 
Council, Katrina Social Studies, Teacher 
Davis, Clay Science, Teacher 
Deen, Manan ext: 155 CDI, Tutor 
Dieye, Maimouna ext: 155 CDI, Internship Coordinator 
Di Paola, Dan Office, School Aide 
Dong, Charles ext: 110 Payroll, Secretary 
Dorman, Mark ext: 409 Phys Ed, Teacher 
Eng, Linda Math, Teacher 
Farinas, Arnulfo Math, Teacher 
Ferguson, Suzette ext: 131 CDI, Data Coordinator 
Fleder, Laura ESL, Teacher 
Flores, Emily ext: 130 Office, School Aide 
Franceschi, Gladys ext: 213 CDI, Senior Internship Coord. 
Garcia, Luz ext: 369 Office, School Secretary 
Gil, Lorraine Guidance, Guidance Counselor 
Gimenez, Daniel Science, Teacher 
Gonzales, Theresa ext: 324 Guidance, Secretary 
Hana, Nina Social Studies, Teacher 
Harwayne, Bonnie ext: 126 Guidance, Guidance Counselor 
Hasani, Jonela ext: 311 Guidance, School Aide 
Hernandez, Bobbie ext: 202 CDI, Direct of Student Support 
Hernandez, Raquel ext: 125 Admin, Assistant Principal 
Hillam, Karen ESL, Teacher 
Hill, Hattie ext: 156 CDI, Career Services 
Hisari, Zahra ext: 623 Science, School Aide 
Holstein, Daniel Math, Teacher 
Hornstein, Naomi ext: 163 CDI, Avodah Intern 
Horvay, Judith Admin, Assistant Principal 
Hull, Jonathan ESL, Teacher 
Hwang, Alex ext: 726 Office, Comp Tech 
Johnson, Christopher Guidance, Teacher 
Jurney, Riaz Math, Teacher 
Keys, Deidre ext: 212 CDI, Student Advocate 
Lau, Irene ext: 318 Admin, Assistant Principal 
Lee, Kenny Office, School Aide 
Lewin, Alan Office, Ed Admin 
Lewis, Errol ext: 301 Guidance, Secretary 
Lockwood, Andree ext: 181 CDI, Development Associate 
Loiodice, George Social Studies, Teacher 
Lucas, Magaly Social Studies, Teacher 
Lu, Henry ext: 112 Office, School Aide 
Lu , Wendy ext: 123 Office, School Business Manager 
Lwin, Alfred Science, Teacher 
Maldonado, Geraldo Social Studies, Teacher 
Malinis, Roy Social Studies, Teacher 
Marshall, Jennifer ext: 409 Phys Ed, Teacher 
Martinez, Gisell ext: 109 Guidance, Parent Coordinator 
Mason, Daniel Social Studies, Teacher 
McHugh, Patricia ext: 100 Library, Teacher 
Milfort, Jennifer ESL, Teacher 
Murawska Krol, Magdalena 
Nam, Ji myung Science, Teacher 
Novick, Beth ext: 314 Guidance, Guidance Counselor 
Padua, Paul Math, Teacher 
Parris, Terry ext: 214 CDI, Student Advocate 
Pesce, Lisa English, Teacher 
Pitula, Jaclyn ext: 359 Social Studies, Teacher 
Ramirez, Stephanie Spec Ed, Social Worker  
Rasheed, Hasan ext: 157 CDI, Prog. Associate 
Roberts, Michael ext: 150 CDI, Exec. Director 
Robinson, David ext: 312 Guidance, Guidance Counselor 
Robinson, Dennis Science, Teacher 
Ross, Joseph ext: 315 English, Teacher 
Royer, Chet ext: 725 Office, College Intern 
Semykin-Golubchik, Tatiana ext: 311 Guidance, School Aide 
Shlyamberg, Sasha Spec Ed, Teacher 
Small, Louis ext: 105 Spec Ed, Teacher 
Smith, Chris ESL, Teacher 
Suchanek, Blanka ext: 101 Office, School Aide 
Tastaca, Windsor ext: 309 Spanish, Teacher 
Testa, Mark ext: 609 Admin, Assistant Principal 
Toise, Michael ext: 120 Admin, Principal 
Vairo, Maria ext: 124 ESL, Teacher 
Verbin, Anatoliy ESL, Teacher 
Vora, Shreedevi ext: 410 Science, Teacher 
Wang, Betty Spec Ed, School Psychologist  
Wang, Xiaoya ext: 406 Math, Teacher 
Wan, Susan ext: 106 Office, Para 
Wegielnik, Joanna ESL, Teacher 
Wolf, Brittney ext: 104 Spec Ed, Speech Pathologist 
Woodiwiss, Catherine ESL, Teacher 
Yeboah, Patience ext: 162 CDI, College.Career Advisor 
Zabarina, Nadezhda ext: 313 Guidance, Guidance Counselor 
Zaimi, Samir Spec Ed, Teacher 
Zerowin, Jeffrey Office, Consultant 
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