Dear Students,
Welcome back to the 2012-2013 school year at Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School!
As you should know regular attendance is your first step toward passing all your classes and advancing to graduation.  However, if you must be absent please complete the form below.
In addition, you must bring an absence note to the pupil accounting secretary, Errol Lewis, in room 103.  If you were absent due to an illness and saw a doctor, please bring a note from your doctor.  If you were absent due to other appointments, such as immigration office or legal matters, please bring documentation of the appointment.
I look foward to your success in 2012-2013, beginning with your excellent attendance!

You can access our Attendance Policy for Students in our School Handbook HERE.

If you are unable to attend school for any reason, please contact Maria Vairo, Attendance Teacher, using the form below or contact her at p: 212.353.2010 x124, e: .

You can also email or text

Don't forget to include in your email or phone message:

First Name
Last Name
Student ID
Reason why you will be absent

Or you can complete the form below.  Don't forget to click the SUBMIT button when you are done.