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Ana Urquizo

posted May 5, 2015, 10:37 AM by Michael Toise   [ updated May 5, 2015, 10:38 AM ]
I received my high school diploma in 2005. Initially, I went to LaGuardia Community College, where I was a part time student. While attending LaGuardia, I was working full time and taking only one or two courses per semester. In 2009, I began the Mechanical Engineering program at The City College of New York. 
The program was extremely demanding and I became a full time student and worked only part time as a math tutor. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Engineering in 2013.

All of these achievements would not have been possible without the help Comprehensive Development, Inc (CDI) offered me and MCNDHS. I strongly believe my choice of this this school was the best school choice I ever made since coming to this country in 2003. The entire school staff was encouraged me to keep the hard work and pursue my goals. I feel blessed that I met a lot of wonderful people at school and I will be always thankful of everything they have done for me. 

Currently, I am working in a consulting firm in ManhattanMy job title is MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) design engineer. I work in the construction industry which is a very competitive field. Therefore, I am working hard to be able to get my Master in Business Administration (MBA). It will not be easy since it is a very expensive program, but I am confident that with hard work I will be able to get it. Also, I am currently working to get my Professional Engineer (PE) Licence. I have already passed my 1st exam, and in 2 years and a half I will permitted to take my second exam and get my PE licence. 

Those are my short term plans. My long term goal, is in 10-15 years from now I can become a Project manager. For this position I will need all the experience possible in the various trades and different aspects of the construction field and of course a MBA.

I would like to point out to all of the current students that MCNDHS offers all the tools to make their dreams come true. Everything is possible with hard work.