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Math Graduation Requirements

Total Credits Needed: 6

All students need a minimum of 6 credits in order to graduate. MCNDHS offers a 4 semester Albegra sequence which allows students to earn 4 credits towards graduation and build a strong foundation in math. After successfully completing Algebra and passing the regents exam students are programmed for Geometry 1 and 2. It is also highly recommended for all students to complete Trigonometry.

An important note to transfer students: Many transfer students enter MCNDHS after completing a 2 or 3 semeseter sequence in Algebra.

MES21 = Algebra Term 1 of 2
MES22 = Algebra Term 2 of 2
for 2 credits
MES31 = Algebra Term 1 of 3
MES32 = Algebra Term 2 of 3
MES33 = Algebra Term 3 of 3
for 3 credits

Students who have completed the Algebra sequence, whether a 2 or 3 semester sequence, are expected to take Geometry 1 and 2 and Trigonometry 1 and 2.

Requirement Credits Needed Courses Notes
Algebra 4 Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra 3, Algebra 4 Required course sequence. MCNDHS offers a 4 semester Algebra sequence. Students who complete the entire Algebra sequence at MCNDHS will earn 4 core credits toward graduation.
Geometry 2 Geometry 1, Geometry 2 Required course sequence. After completing the Algebra sequence, students are expected to take Geometry1 and 2. The sequence consisting of 4 credits of Algebra and 2 credits of Geometry is the minimum graduation requirement for math. Trigonometry is high encouraged for students considering 2 or 4-year colleges in their post-secondary plans.
Trigonometry 2 (optional but highly recommended) Trigonometry 1, Trigonometry 2 Students who have not earned 6 credits in Albegra and Geometry are expected to complete their graduation requirements by taking Trigonometry 1 and 2.
Calculus 2 (optional) Calculus 1, Calculus 2 Optional course sequence. We offer Calculus for students who wish to pursue higher math and have scored a minimum of 80 on the Albegra regents exam.
College Now Algebra and Trigonometry (MAT115) 1 (optional) This course fulfills 1 core math credit.
College Now Elementary Statistics I (MAT120) 1 (optional) This course fulfills 1 core math credit.

Regents Exam Requirements: All students must pass at least 1 math Regents Exam in either Algebra, Geometry or Trigonometry in order to graduate.
Students wishing to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma must pass all three math Regents Exams - Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.