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Foreign Language Graduation Requirements

Total Credits Needed: 2

All students need 2 credits of a foreign language to graduate. It is highly recommended that these courses form a sequence (Spanish 1 and 2). However, students may also satisfy their foreign language graduation requirements by taking courses in 2 different langauges, for example, Spanish 1 and Mandarin 1.
Students wishing to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma must earn a total of 6 credits credits in a foreign langauge. 

Requirement Credits Needed Courses Notes
Foreign Language 2 Spanish 1, Spanish 2, , Mandarin 1, AP Spanish, AP Chinese, AP French

Regents Exam Requirements: Students wishing to earn a Regents Diploma do not need to take a foreing language Regents Exam. However, students wishing to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma must pass a LOTE Foreign Language Exam.